🔧HONE : The BEST PC Optimizer [NO JOKE!]



What is Hone?

Hone Optimizer is an application that would make your computer run a little bit swift than way before. It was designed by different minds on the only idea of optimizing computers.

At Hone, we believe that technology should enhance our lives, not hinder them. That's why we're committed to creating powerful yet easy-to-use software that helps gamers of all levels get the most out of their hardware.

...said by their team

Why Hone 🤔 ?

Nowadays, Microsoft has the highest market share in OS. To increase their share further more, it had various measures deployed in their Operating System. These measures are good in one way and not bad but unnecessary in the other. Too many features gumbled up creates to a necessary of more hardware requirements which can't be satisfied by all. No one needs all the features in Windows OS. Even if they have to boot up their PC, it would take time for the pre-packaged services, apps to load up and affects the boot up time. To reduce all these lags and hanging up of computer, this Optimizer can be used. 


Optimizations Provided 💻🖥:

1) Optimize Windows Device Affinities
2)Optimize AMD Graphics
3)Optimize Windows Audio Latency
4)Optimize BCDEdit Boot Config
5)Optimize Mouse Priority
6)Disable Network AutoTuning
7)Disable Idle
8)Disable Mitigations
9)Disable Network Task Offloading
10)Disable Tracking and Telemetry
11)Optimize Network Priority
12)General Optimizations
13)Optimize Internet
14)Optimize Device MSI Priority
15)Optimize Network Card
16)Optimize Bandwith
17)Optimize Powerplan
18)Optimize Timer Resolution
19)Nvidia Tweaks

Overall :

It performs pretty well on old computers. The FPS results before and after using it has a big variation. And it has a user-friendly UI, easy-to-understand optimizations and described task of each optimization helps the user to identify and pick the right optimization to apply

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