Atlas OS: 5 Months Later - STOCK IS BETTER?


 Is Atlas still good after 5 months??

What is Atlas 🤔?

Atlas is a modification for Windows operating system which tweaks your system settings to get best performance of your pc. 

Is it still good ❔

I had been using Atlas OS for the past 5 months, and recently saw many updates (latest is 0.4.0). Before, atlas was used to be a rocket fuel for even a duel core intel CPU. It had the most optimized tweaks than other OS's/modifications. 

They even had ISO's which made them easy to install. But now they give a playbook with AME wizard which is programmed to run by itself on configuring the playbook file. I had sometimes encountered bugs such that I had to do the whole process of modifying windows again.

Moreover, they have compromised performance for compatibility. Overall, the updates had not impressed me and it is not good as it was before.

What can you choose as an alternative 🤔?

Mainly, you could tweak your PC yourself, provided you know to troubleshoot and have a better understanding of tweaking and stuffs. Never tweak your PC unnecessarily if you do not know how it affects your PC.

Here is some of the videos I found for a full guide on tweaking the PC yourself.

            Credits to :

                    Nico Knows Tech

               Khorvie Tech

                  Thank you guys 💖


Nowadays computer has become an essential part in daily life. Knowing about these software kind of things is more essential than the hardware. Atlas had been its prime before, but it has also started compromising performance. This decision led to the performance of low end PC's. So tweaking windows by your own way(ie which tweaks you need and which you not) is the best option in my opinion. Until next time, happy gaming, respect your parents, take care and I can't wait to see you in the next one. Peace Out!

                                  ▶ VIDEO TUTORIAL◀

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